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If there are any updates to any of the sites , I will post them on the Updates page.

Social Media

I am no longer on Facebook (got hacked/banned) or Twitter (the elon-effect).
My main social-media channel is Mastadon ::


I don’t really know what Normalians is… I think it has something to do with aliens trying to blend in with normal people – with varying degrees of success and failure, all against a backdrop of normal people becoming more alien by the day.

The first season was me just kindof pottering about, telling stories, finding me feet… the 2nd will possibly be more political. I have serious difficulties keeping different online personas separate, or taking myself seriously though, so who knows.

Normalians on Youtube ::

Normalians on Instagram ::

Normalians on Tiktok ::

Golden Mean Calipers

This is the main thing I do for a living – and has been for about 15 years.
Mathematical instruments, although I suspect quite strongly that this will morph into an art/invention site, should (at some point in the future) I go the full Leonardo

Golden Mean Caliper Shop ::

Golden Mean Calipers on Etsy ::

Golden Mean Calipers on Instagram ::

Golden Mean Calipers on Youtube ::


I’ve been involved in various musical things over the decades… still am I guess. Watch this space etc.

The Wild Poppies – my old band from the UK. It took us 30 years to get a record deal and another 9 years for the royalties to clear the minimum payout level. We were possibly better at generating stories than actual music, but we were (if nothing else) very very well organised. Also ruthlessly committed.

Wild Poppies site ::
There’s a part 2 of this that needs to happen at some point. I think maybe I’ll video it as well as writing it. Not today though… no, not today.

Wild Poppies on Facebook ::
(I don’t have access to this since the FB ban – I think the record company runs it)

Wild Poppies on Youtube ::
(I don’t have access to this either)

Wild Poppies Record Company Page ::
(or this)

Sundialler – from the early 2020s. Not officially ended but it never got off the ground – mainly because I wasn’t ready. I needed to do a couple of years more practice. I still have quite a lot of songs, but I’m not sure whether I should release them as Sundialler or Nick Taylor. Probably Nick Taylor although I do have the Sundialler webstye. So…

Sundialler site ::
(just a picture with crickets have been making cricket sounds for like, 4 years now)

Sundialler on Youtube ::

Miscellany ::

For many years, many years ago, I wrote a bright-eyed techie type blog, which is now equal parts inspiring and embarrassing. I’m keeping it around as a kind of paleo-futuristic archival type thing. One of these days I’ll go through the whole thing and download all the embedded videos to avoid link-rot.

1000 Year Clock Build Diary ::

This is still a live project, although for the last couple of years it has not got the attention it deserves because mere existence has become so difficult.