Same-Day Laser-Cutting

The Analog Gadget Factory is a Kapiti-based micro-business – we mainly make gadgets for sale over the internet – and have two laser-cutters and a CNC-mill that sit idle for a lot of the time.

So – we’ve decided to offer laser-cutting as a service to local businesses, hobbyists, artists etc.

The machines we have are 600mm x 400mm… and can cut plastic, wood, leather, cloth, card – up to about 10mm thick… if you need bigger dimensions than this, or need to cut harder materials (eg: steel) we’re happy to advise as to the best way of getting this done.

We can also engrave onto a range of flat-surfaces… everything from cardboard to stone apparently.

There’s a page of materials we can work with here.

How to get started?

1) Get in touch! – … if you have any questions, let me know.

2) Make a design… this is best if it’s in a .DXF, .AI, .SVG or .PDF format – but other graphics can be traced if need be. People usually use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape… but pretty much any graphics/cad that can output the file-types above will work.

If none of the above makes sense, no worries – we can help with the design.

3) Tell us what materials you’d like. We have various types of acrylic / MDF / Hardboard here which we can supply at cost – if we don’t have it, chances are we know where you can get it.

And that’s it

To start with though, it’s just a conversation about what you’d like to do, and how we can help.


$1.50 per minute, with a minimum charge of $25.

The minimum charge is to cover the time it takes to convert the files to a format the machines can understand, set-up time etc.

Different materials cut at different rates – we’ll give a quote before starting work.

General rates though:

3mm Acrylic : $.02 / cm
4mm Acrylic : $.025 / cm
6mm Acrylic : $.04 / cm

3mm MDF / Hardboard : $.01 / cm
4mm MDF / Hardboard : $.02 / cm
6mm MDF / Hardboard : $.04 / cm

Cardboard : $.36 / metre

Bespoke design-work is $40 an hour… if it takes more than half an hour. Chances are it won’t.