Turing Test 1 => AIs convincing humans they’re human
Turing Test 2 => AIs convincing humans that they’re a/any specific human

And right now (Jan 29th, Year of Our Lord 2023) at this precise moment, several million of us are pecking at pictures of traffic-lights to prove our humanity to machines.

And so obviously what the world needs now is:

1) A service that can generate a photo of a random non-existent human

Been around for a while – I’m pretty sure that the majority of bullshit GPT/SEO/Clickbait sites use these as their avatars. An example here

I don’t think that page was written by someone who has spent 8 years doing pest-control. I mean who actually writes a table of contents that detailed for a one page article?

I think it is (possibly human curated) machine-generated bullshit… although it does contain links to other sites, and currently GPT is not able to do this with any level of reliability. The text of the article though directly contradicts that found in the citations… as well as contradicting itself throughout. If it is human-curated, it’s a half-arsed curation.

And this bullshit is now dominating search results.

2) A service that can generate a fake photo that looks a bit like you, but isn’t you.

Obviously all the photos it generates of me look like devilishly handsome middle-eastern gentlemen, rather than (say) Dougal off Magic Roundabout having a bad hair-day.

3) A service for cloning your voice

Because who can honestly get enough of the sound of their own voice?

Now you never have to stop talking ever. You can talk in your sleep. Not even death can shut you up.

4) A service for making a fake version of yourself.

“Upload and sync all your current and historical memories, knowledge, and experiences into your private memory stack and access the sum total of your memories anytime.”

Also ideal for stalkers. You can make a pet version of someone and keep it in a jar

They suggest Warren Buffet, but if you’re thinking that people-cloning-tech isn’t going to be used for porn, you’re delusional. Instagram feeds and youtube channels as pornographic training data. Hell, porn-stars will probably use their own data to do this themselves – generating sex movies without having to get out of (or into) bed.

Not with this particular service of course – it’s against the T&Cs… which nobody reads and only lawyers are qualified to understand anyway. Everyone knows that nobody reads these things. South Park devoted an entire episode to taking the piss out of it. It’s a magical legal ritual – not dissimilar to the one the Conquistadors read out to the people it was about to commit genocide against.

They talk a good talk these people, but at the end of the day it is a corporation – aka: a type of non-silicon-based AI which is committed to putting property rights before human life. Fiduciary Duty. Every board of directors has a disembodied boss: The Money- Lenders come first.


(not porn)

I am quite fond of the idea that “in the end, everything becomes true”.

Back in the middle of the 20th C we were regaled with tales (usually from National Geographic etc) that primitive tribes-people (as they were then known) believed that a camera can steal your soul.

They were right. It can, and to varying degrees already has.

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