What happens to Search when it’s easier to create something than it is to find it?

I’m the sort of person who loses stuff. I’ll pick something up and 5 minutes later I have no idea where it is… and quite often if I’ve lost a laser-cut thing, I’ll just make another one. It’s quicker and I can’t be dealing with the drama.

Searching for things is a pain in the arse.

Someone on FB earlier had a faux-exasperated complain about its google search history which was mainly “sexy genderbent buddha”, so I got MJ to draw it – but as “s*xy genderbent buddha” on account of the censorship etc, and it did this:

Which I quite like.

And it just kindof hit me that I’d just got an AI to create an image because it was easier than searching for one. Result. Milestone. How many business models could that up-end?

Generative Entertainment could render irrelevant the whole of IP law. What happens when it is easier to create an original than it is to copy something?

Anyway I just asked ChatGPT to finish this article and it wrote

Meanwhile, the search industry is heading in a new direction. As creating content becomes easier than searching for it, the search industry needs to adapt or risk obsolescence. Companies like Google have already adapted, offering users access to content creation tools like Google Docs and Sheets. They have also invested heavily in AI and machine learning technologies, which can help them better understand user search requests and deliver more accurate results.

This shift in the search industry has already had a profound effect on the way people find information, and it will continue to do so in the future. As AI-powered content creation becomes more widespread, the search industry will have to continue to evolve or risk becoming outdated. However, with the right strategies in place, they can remain relevant in this new and ever-changing digital landscape.

Which is meaningless bollocks.

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