Tetris Shelves

I tend to work in a small 8 x 4 inch clearing in the clutter of my desk, on account of everywhere else being utterly over-run.

So I made some Tetris Shelves. You can rearrange the shapes etc.





All of these are a bit tatty and bodgy on account of it taking a few goes to get the dimensions right, but given a laser-cutter a whole lot more powerful than the one I’ve got, they could be quite cool. I’ve only made 3 shapes so far. There’s no need to go mad etc.

They’re made out of 8mm thick hardboard… which is pretty solid… and takes quite a long time for my laser-cutter to cut. If I was to make these to sell to people, I’d probably need to get someone else to cut them. Not sure if you could do it with a CNC router as the corners are need to be quite square. It’s shiney on one side, and rough on the other – I think I might need to make the backs shiney. See how that goes.

I’ve designed it with crafty plug things to attach the walls together… a bit like lego:



This is what it looks like covered in crap:


Gets it all out of the way I suppose, but I think they might look better when they’re not actually being used.

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