Swappable Fronts

Partly because I have commitment issues, I’ve made the designs so you can swap the fronts.

This is a massive hassle, and no one will ever do it – but it does mean that if I get my shit together to actually sell these, then people will be able to design their own fronts. Or choose from galleries. Or design fronts for other people to buy. etc etc.

Here are the first 3 attempts:




The neck isn’t bent… that’s just the photo angle. Better be. If it is actually bent, there’s going to be the biggest tantrum humanity has ever seen. I think it’s ok though.

I think I’m going to go with the first one… the least photogenic (I think it might be the light/angle) but in real life it looks best. And if I decide down the track I’d like to do something different, I can. Modular you see. Replaceable.

(Word to the wise: Always do test-runs with cardboard first, because curved wood NEVER winds up doing what you think it’s going to)

This is the Pixie-Stick Guitar btw. It’s the small-scale one made out of off-cuts.

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