This is a small list of projects, past, present, future… not all, but enough to be getting on with. I’ve only just started this website – I’ll add more in the coming weeks/months etc.

Golden Mean Calipers

We’ve been making Golden Mean Calipers for about the last 7 years now – these have provided the funds to set this whole workshop up.

They’re made from laser-cut stainless steel… which we get cut in Wellington. The are polished and assembled here in Raumati – the cases and packaging etc, are all made here on the laser-cutters. Any new design is prototyped in acrylic before we make steel versions (cutting steel costs a whole lot more).

The calipers have a website all of their own – which will (hopefully) explain what they are, how they work, where to get them.

Cigar-box Guitars

In about 2013 I made a couple of little cigar-box guitars.

This was basically one project, but I made a mini-sized version to test all the various techniques etc, before I used them for real on the full-sized version.

What resulted was possibly the worst guitar I’ve ever played.

To be fair… I love it. Through a big tube amp, it goes like a rocket… this is it (guitar solo at end) recorded through the condenser mic on my laptop… just messing about. I think it’s funny. Quite an epic guitar sound though.

I wrote a whole blog about the making-of the guitars here.

Caffeine-Molecule Coasters

These are made from this special oil-tempered hardboard, which has turned out to be incredibly hard to get hold of.

I actually designed them a couple of years back, but then got overwhelmed with caliper orders at about the same time that the hardboard went off the radar. I’ve just found another source… so will probably be making some more.

I tried all sorts of different materials – this worked the best… and it turns out it’s fairly water-proof as well. I kept one of these coasters submerged for about 3 days to make sure.