Pegged Up

Pegs installed in the Pixie-Stick



I’m not sure how well ukulele pegs work, but dagnabit, I love the way they look.

The Pixie Stick is a guitar that I’m making out of offcuts… because I’m scared to do anything to the Guitar #1 that I can’t rollback.

The fret slots here are laser-cut… didn’t go quite deep enough, so I made them the right depth (about 2mm) with the DIY fret saw from a couple of days ago.

I can’t install the frets until I finish the fret-markers though… and it’s proving to be quite difficult. It’s currently looking like they need to be sealed with 2-part epoxy. I’ve tried superglue, aryldite epoxy etc etc… people who know say “epoxy doming resin”… like boat-builders use. So that’s what I’ve got, but it takes 3 days to cure. The first attempt didn’t work, so I’ve tried it again… this time measuring the component parts exactly, and heating in boiling water before mixing. This way creates virtually no bubbles… feels better… but I still have to wait 3 days to find out.

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