Laser Cut Clamps


I got all inspired by this the other day, so had a go at making purely laser-cut ones.

Not sure that my versions are quite as robust… on account of not being made out of steel etc. But they work, and they’re really quick to make. I made two different sizes… which probably aren’t the “right” sizes for what I need, but the beauty of digital stuff is you can change the design, hit a button, and make another one.


big ones (holds roughly 145mm by 100mm): clamp_big_1_plt.svg

smaller ones (holds roughly 20mm by 90): clamp_medium_2_plt.svg

If you’re going to use these files, you might want to check the measurements… tinker, adjust. They’re Inkscape .svg files… and I’ve got a strange laser-cutter which means I need to scale down images by 78.74015% for PLT files to come out the right size. I find it’s useful to put little (8mm diameter) dowels in strategic places to make the alignment easier for gluing.

Small Version




Big Version




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