Okay, so I finally got it together to make the headstock on the main guitar…



… and I like the headstock on the Pixie-Stick (the mini guitar I’m making out of offcuts) more. I like the pegs more, and I prefer the vaguely Katana-like (with holes) shape.



Arse. That’s an issue, because the Pixie-Stick uses violin tuning pegs… which are basically just bits of wood jammed into holes, and which are a bit of a bastard to tune with.

So I did a whole load of searching, and found these:


Planetary gear tuners


Which are made by Perfection Planetary Pegs, Wittner, and Pegheds.net. These won’t actually add anything to the price of the ingredients… unless you’re buying the cheapest tuners you can find off ebay, rather than proper grown-up ones off Stewmac. Right now I’m in experimental mode, so everything is cheap.

You can also get midgital ones for banjos etc, but I’m looking for more of a violin look… so longer ones it is.

Also worthy of a mention are Steinberger Gearless Tuners…



… but apparently they can’t handle multiple tunings… and guitars I play are all about multiple tunings… so I guess I’ll be trying planetary geared violin tuners.

So I guess I’m now working on Guitar #3

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