Guitar Back – First Attempt

Welcome to design bungle/iteration number #1

I figured early on that I was going to need to have some way of getting at the electronics once the thing was put together. Normal guitars have removable scratch-plates… normal cigar-box guitars (if they open at all) are openable, on account of being boxes.

But this is not especially normal… here’s my first attempt:




it slides backwards and forwards… and actually looks pretty good I think, except that:

1) it rattles
2) it’s not really big enough for what it’s needed for
3) it takes about 3 layers of wood on the inside… so is kindof bulky.

The pegs/plugs are there just to make it easier to line the various bits of wood up. I quite like them, even though they’re a bit function-over-form. Part of… I dunno… “art” I guess, involves “finding a voice”. Finding something that you do, that makes you unique… and I think a bit of function-over-form might be a cool thing to do. So… lose the sliding door, keep the pegs.

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