Guitar #1

Okay – finally finished Laser-Cut Cigar-Box #1. (Not the test one (pixie-stick), but the one before that)

Turned out okayish – about 60% (just wait til next time)

– the action is way too high (fixable)
– the nut is (again) too far north (fixable)
– none of the joins, join terribly well (if you don’t like it you can piss off)
– the fretboard needs to be above the soundboard (yea, yea)

I’m not sure how to deal with the “door” at the back… still a bit buzzy, but looks ok. I think I might resort to smaller doors.

I’ll fix the stuff that can be fixed, then do a video.

Anyway, photos – with an all-over-the-place mix of colour-balances.


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