DIY Neck Shaping Thing

When you have a laser-cutter, everything looks laser-cutterable.


Neck shaper – you fold a bit of sand-paper over it and use it as a shaped sanding-block. It’s basically just this shape


cut out of MDF about 10 times, with bits of dowel keeping everything in line. Works like a dream, and you can make different ones for different necks… if the pieces of wood are different sizes.

I personally think laser-cutters are more useful than 3D printers. Little tools like this take about 10 minutes to make, and are incredibly useful. True it’s not proper 3D – just a shape built up out of layers (mind you, 3D printing is a shape built up out of layers as well)… but it’s really fast, really cheap and you can make big stuff.

Something I hate to say, but have to though… you’ve got to have your own one.

I did a computer science degree back in the days when computers were the size of bulldozers, and each one had a priesthood to offer it the programs written by drones (like us), and who would (several days later) return to us inch-thick piles of printed-out syntax errors. This is how we were taught it would work. Computing time was so valuable, it had to be rationed out, and the act of programming was “measure twice, code once”.

That isn’t the way things turned out.

It is (however) the current state of rapid-fabbing… with online services etc. It’s not the future though… the future is having the machines yourself, which I’ve learned from first-hand experience. If you’re going to be tinkering with rapid-fabbing, you’ll find yourself playing an entirely different game if the trial->error iteration-time is 5 minutes rather than 10 days. You’ve got to have your own machines.

Anyhoo… this is the current state of guitar #1


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